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Kerryann Gross Nutrition Coach

My Journey

Hi. I am Kerryann. I am a Nurse Practitioner turned Nutrition, Health, Weight Loss and Wellness Coach. I started my journey in 1999 (probably way before some of you were born). This journey has taken me on paths starting at a Level 1trauma Center in Central Texas to the World Renowned Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore Maryland. I have worked in a Private GI practice managing all sorts of Gastrointestinal illnesses and then on to Emergency Medicine. That’s what brings me here. I have realized that although people get sick, most chronic illnesses can be avoided or even cured through nutritional and holistic measures. I too have been sick. I am now in my 8th year as an Ovarian Cancer survivor and was baffled at the diagnosis in my mid 30s. I have no family history of cancer. I am relatively healthy. So what went wrong? In my research I have learned that over 17 of 20 different cancers studied were from the environment and the foods we eat. So, I start with nutrition as the basis for wellness. I am here to support you, help heal your body, mind, and spirit starting right where you are on your health journey. 

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My goals are your goals; to equip, inspire, and cheerlead you on to the best version of yourself so that you will be empowered to live a life of complete body, mind, and spirit wellness.

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