Introspective Getaway: Mastering the Mind


How many people have given you advice and they have never experienced what you have. Better yet, have you given advice to someone, and have not experienced their trial? You can’t take people where you have not gone is a popular leadership quote that my husband taught me many years ago. It has stuck with me and has been a constant motivation for my personal growth. I realize more and more that wellness, including mental seclusion, lends to moments of introspection. So I decided to go away for some quiet time. On my own and by myself! I went to a retreat Center in North Carolina where the focus was Mastering the mind. That sounds interesting,I thought. Believe it or not, I did not look up the speaker, nor the content of the retreat. However, like many people, mastering my mind( as it has at the minimum 2 conflicting thoughts most of the time) would be a challenging feat. In general, our tricky mindset, limiting beliefs, and fears have been notorious for stunting our personal growth. I mean, I was so afraid of some catastrophic financial crisis happening as a result of low mortgage interest rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that I missed out on nearly a 2% interest rate decrease. That was totally off-topic, but every time I think about it, I could kick myself. lol. Now, that was something considerably small in comparison to living life to its fullest without irrational fears getting in the way. Getting away to this retreat and exploring my inner self has allowed me to quiet my thoughts, be present, and open my mind to other perspectives within. Like how subtle negative self-talk can manifest into negative physical ailments, physiological defeat, or even financial challenges. Positive self-talk, affirming yourself, and even affirming the future will however bring life to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and even financial outcomes. What are you speaking into your life?