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Healthy Smoothies

Eating your fruits and vegetables are much more enjoyable when they taste like a yummy dessert. Smoothies are a wonderful option to add nutritious value. You can add a smoothie whenever you need a quick nutritious breakfast, meal replacement or as a post performance blend. Click below for some of my favorite smoothie recipes or Contact me for more weight loss tips.

Healthy and Weight loss Recipes

My favorite healthy recipes focus on making the most of a powerful nutritious meal. Rather than denying your body of what it requires, these healthy recipes will leave you feeling full and content, ready to face whatever tomorrow may bring.


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Health, Nutrition and weight loss Blog

How many people have given you advice and they have never experienced what you have. Better yet, have you given advice to someone, and have not experienced their trial? You can’t take people where you have not gone is a popular leadership quote that my husband taught me many years ago. It has stuck with me and has been a constant motivation to my personal growth. I realize more and more that wellness, including mental seclusion lends to moments of introspection.