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About Me

“Make your health a priority now, before you’re forced to make it a priority later,” someone once said. That was a remark from my 67-year-old patient who came to see me monthly to have her blood pressure and blood work checked. She was always perfectly dressed; down to her shoes, handbag, and jewelry. She did, however, have an array of daily prescriptive medications and a long list of medical issues. You’d be surprised how much that statement has stayed with me throughout the years. Preventative health, with an emphasis on hormone balancing, vitamin optimization, nutrition and exercise, is not given the attention that it deserves in disease prevention and management. This made me realize the importance of serving my patients with holistic approach.

After 20 years in the health industry, I’ve realized that holistic health approaches can help prevent and even heal diseases. The truth is that many people either don’t have time or the knowledge to effectively prevent illnesses or preserve their health!

That’s where I come in. I provide customized services based on the holistic approach of hormone balancing, vitamin and trace mineral optimization, nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, and mental health management for long lasting sustainable results. I’ll listen, educate, and help you to create your ideal self.

Why me ? I want you not just look better, but feel better. And TOGETHER we will make it happen!

A patient informed my supervisor a few years ago that she thought I saved her life. To be honest, I didn’t think I did anything exceptional. “Kerryann sat there and listened,” she told him. “She didn’t rush me out to see the other patients in 10 minutes. She listened and told me that she would not stop until she figured out where the pain was coming from. I did not feel like I was at a doctors visit at all. That is how she discovered the tumor in my small intestines and that is how she saved my life.”

Her statements shifted my perspective from a nurse practitioner treating disease to a holistic wellness practitioner.

With those words and a shift in gears, I’m now a Nurse Practitioner who believes that with every client, every interaction, every time, my support, and an open mind will help shift behaviors. I seek to uncover the why behind your health goals. This allows for a breakthrough to accomplish a new level of health and wellness.

That is my strategy. That is why me as your practitioner.

I’m listening.

Kerryann Gross Nutrition Coach

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